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meta repository description
info edu.3242919.Selections none
info edu.3649075.RidR Code voor het Robots in de Ruimte spel (B3CC 2012 - P3)
info edu.3784827.gt_t6b none
info edu.3803627.INFOMOV Optimization & Vectorization assignments 2015
info edu.3810364.schake none
info edu.3830810.valk-plaxton Webtech repo
info edu.3912426.Boomkikker Klimt in een boom en springt naar andere bomen.
info edu.4121988.Introproject Repository F2
info edu.4165551.F3 Voor introductieproject van groep F3
info edu.4239776.Mine Repo voor Cup You Coffee
info edu.5771935.MAL-Assignment MAL assignment 2016 in R and Java
info project.arlogd none
info project.bayes.dist Distributions for bayesian network related projects (like Dazzle)
info project.dmon distributed monitor
info project.hycom none
info tools for ict-beta
info project.latex.uuletter LaTeX document class for UU “huisstijl” letters
info project.mirmon monitor the status of mirrors
info project.mirmon.old monitor the status of mirrors
info project.oblimap GCM - ISM coupling package
info project.qdb none
info self-service for svn hosting
info project.ruler.papers Papers of the Ruler project
info Ruler systems
info project.STEC.fittest-uu UU-specific files for the FITTEST project.
info project.STEC.proxima none
info project.STEC.uu-parsinglib Development of new version of the UU Parser Combinators
info project.STEC.uuagc Utrecht University Attribute Grammar Compiler (moved to
info project.STEC.uulib The old UUlib libraries
info project.TS Time Series
info project.wotsap PGP Web of trust
info sci.3611914.SO-GAMBIT Genetic Algorithm for Model-Based mixed-Integer opTimization: DEMO
info sci.bikke006.template_CUDA GPGPU framework for CUDA 10.0; driver API.
info sci.dijks106.ssm Simple Stack Machine
info sci.hage0101.helium The Helium compiler (including the texthint interpreter)
info sci.hage0101.hint The Java-based Hint interpreter for Helium
info sci.hage0101.jurlatex Basic LaTeX stuff
info sci.hage0101.lvm Daan Leijen's Lazy Virtual Machine
info sci.hage0101.Top The Top framework
info sci.hage0101.visage Visualisation tool for attribute grammars.
info sci.jeuri101.libraries Code for gp libraries
info sci.jeuri101.palindromes Code for palindromes
info sci.penni101.Blib - OO database and JSON access
info sci.penni101.iim iim - an instant mirroring client
info sci.penni101.OBB object-orient, model-building base class
info sci.prase101.T2framework T2-framework Project

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